Godwin and Vannie December 15, 2005

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tying the knφt

We're married!
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happy holidays everyone! :)

15 days to go!

Here's what we have accomplished recently:

1. Missalette covers
2. Guest cards
3. Wine labels
4. Tags for the tokens
5. Souvenir tags
6. Bought ring and arrhae boxes – Got pewter jewelry boxes for these; really lovely and elegant. :)
7. Bought my bridal shoes - and at a very good price at that :D
8. Bought tokens for all the members of the wedding party
9. Finalized the mass attendants
10. Finished making the missalette. Still waiting for the approval from St. Jerome. After which, we need to pass a softcopy to our coordinator so she can start the production.

Items 1 to 5, DIY by Godwin :)

On the other hand, here's a rundown of what we still need to finish for the big day:

1. Review the guest list and make a seatplan. Will probably just do zoning, I don’t intend to go crazy over this.
2. Buy earrings and hairpiece. I finally found the hairstyle I wanted! Thanks again to Jane for saving my life. :D
3. Finalize the reception program. Still waiting for the draft from our coordinator
4. Doves! ACC won’t provide the doves. I hope our coordinator can find a shop near Alabang.
5. Wrap tokens before packing them into our luggages.

So am I nervous? Well, I had a bad bout with hyperacidity last Thursday night that prevented me (and Godwin too) from getting any sleep the whole night so I was unable to go to work last Friday. Godwin kept asking me whether I was skipping meals and I said I was not. Only after I got the medicines from the doctor did I finally admit to him that it was probably because of wedding jitters.

I made the draft of this blog entry on Thursday night, shortly before I went home. Image hosted by Photobucket.com